“What seems important to me is permanence, comfort, and a look of continuity in the design and decoration of a house. The happiest times of my life are associated with beautiful familiar things and family”
— Sister Parish

Founded in 2000, Sister Parish Design is a heritage brand that began with the goal of resurrecting the prints and wallpapers that Mrs. Parish loved. The resulting collection embodies the charm, warmth and flair of her signature style. From a tidy pattern of dots to a star spangled trellis design, Sister Parish Design fabrics and wallpapers carry on a tradition of the “Parish Hadley” style, of timeless patterns that represent an eclectic mix of materials — both traditional and modern. Elle Decor aptly summed up the brand when the collection premiered: “Sister Parish Design—fun, groovy fabrics from the archives of grande-dame decorator Sister Parish meld ’60s sizzle with social register swank… Think preppy winters in Palm Beach and brisk weekends fueled by martinis and touch football.” Mitchell Owens, 2000 Elle Decor.


Our Process

The collection of fabrics and wall coverings are hand silk-screened in the United States and printed on natural fabrics in an eco friendly environment. The majority utilize vat dye printing with a few using pigment dye-all with earth based dyes. The work of the hand and quality of the workmanship is apparent in every yard produced.

The Parish family, led by granddaughter Susan Crater, daughter Apple Bartlett, and great granddaughter Eliza Crater, continue Sister’s legacy through a consistent design approach that emphasizes her all American look and the love of color and home. Sister Parish Design’s array of products from fabric and wallpaper to ceramics and pillows, bring Sister’s magic to the next generation of designers and individuals, who continue to love the aesthetic that Sister was famous for. As she often said “In good decorating, innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is useful and what is lasting.”

Launched in 2010, the accessories branch of the company moved SPD into home and fashion accessories. Powered by the fourth generation, the designs of the canvas, wax wear travel bags and home products bring the prints into everyday life and fashion.

Apple Parish Bartlett’s collages continue the family tradition of the love of collage and all things that show the work of the hand. Mrs. Parish was an early champion of made in America products, which can be seen in her love of quilts and American made crafts. When she decorated the living quarters for the Kennedy White House she worked tirelessly to bring in local American artisans and products. All Sister Parish Design products are made in America by local craftsmen from Maryland to Maine to Rhode Island, which continues Sister’s dream of supporting American workmanship.